Tritan "Glasses"

There is no point having gorgeous dinnerware only to be let down by the cups. These cups look unremarkable and that is the point - they blend effortlessly with any dinner table setting.

Although they may not look like much, these glasses are unlike any plastic cups you have seen before. The difference lies in their material and their size. LB offers safe, non-toxic, attractive and appropriately-sized cups for little hands.

Made of Tritan, they look just like glass but are shatterproof, scratchproof, toddler-proof and unlike most clear plastics, they are non-toxic, BPA and BPS-free, free form estrogenic and androgenic activity and never go cloudy with use.

LB’s glasses come in a 210ml size - which is perfect for encouraging independence in young children up to the age of four and a 300ml size for older children.